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Executive coaching

The expectation of executives nowadays are different than they used to be. Employees expect more coaching and inspiring management and they have a need to get space for their own initiatives but within a clear and transparant communicated framework and goals. 

Executives expects from employees that they take more responsibility, collaborate and fix the problems they face by themselves. From you, as an executive, it requires flexibility of style.


In order to determine what is necessary and when, is the key to know in which development phase the employee or the team is in.

During the coaching sessions you will get a clear view of your personal patterns and discover possibilities for different (behavioral) choices.

Executive coaching is valuable for you, if you:

  • want to reflect on your personal way of operating;

  • want to optimize your functioning in your current-, changed- or new job;

  • want to work on developing alternative (behavioral) styles of leadership;

  • want to get in contact with your deeper motives;

  • want to create more ownership among your employees;


During the intake session we will focus on formulating your coach question. This coach question will form the lead of the coaching.

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