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Leonie van der Burg is an excellent coach. She is a former Marketing and Sales Manager at Vodafone (and other corporates) and started a couple of years ago as a coach. She combines her business talents with her deep and sincere interest in people. I known her as a principle of 2 jobs. I experienced her as very people oriented-, intelligent-, to-the-point and warm person. 

Marian Pronk - Partner Interimic

Since the intake there is a connection between Leonie and I. She is a good listener, doesn't judge and sees very quickly where the pain is. Leonie is a professional, has integrity and is above all a warm and emphatic woman. Full of trust, comfort, knowledge and confronting where necessary. When I'm in need, I still go to see her. 


Cindy Doesburg - Lawyer and Professional Coach  

Leonie has been able to provide me the coaching necessary to take me from being a good leader to a truly dynamic leader with powerful connections and strategic influence. She created a warm, open and welcoming environment that immediately allowed for meaningful analysis on critical issues and led to a quick diagnosis and accurate suggested actions to move the company forward as well as myself in many aspects of my life. I highly recommend Leonie as a coach.

John Perry - Regional VP

Leonie is a very loving and smart woman. I've known her from the succesful Insights Discovery training she gave to our company and she helped me with a specific coachingsissue. Nowadays I often plan an appointment with her when I am in need of wise words and specific advise that helps me further. Very nice! 

Tessa Hartog - Consultant Resourcing Solutions

Leonie is a very kind and result oriented coach. She knows how to create a safe environment in a short time and because of her appearance and peace, you feel easily comfortably to open up. For me is that a very fundamental for a efficient coachingsprocess. She is critical, knows how to hold a mirror and she says the right things at the right moment. I often think back about the coaching sessions, with good feelings. 

Sr. Strategisch Project Manager

In the past period I have consulted Leonie a number of times and with great satisfaction!

In all the years that I work, I have had a number of coaches. In my opinion, Leonie stands out in a positive way. She truly gives 

meaning to all the elements that many coaches claim, but don't do it as well as she does. Leonie creates a safe atmosphere, offers space, listens, mirrors, challenges and offers tools. Her sincerity, experience and pleasant personality provides the right dimension to really help people further.

Gabrielle Majenburg - Directeur KPN 

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