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Personal coaching

                                                            "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

                                                                             the courage to change the things I can,

                                                                           and the wisdom to know the difference."

                                                                                             – Franciscus van Assisi - 

The reason for coaching can be very different. Sometimes there is a need for more balance in work and private life,  but it can also be related to a problem at work or that there is a vague feeling of restlessness.


The benefit of professional guidance is that you can take with an independent person who has nothing to do with the problem or issue. This helps you to take a distance and enables research to what is going on and what you need to change the situation.


During the coach sessions you have time for yourself in order to reflect on meaning and what you really want.  This process is very personal. 


My quality as a coach is the ability to help people to get closer to themselves and explore motives and believes and learn how to use your energy for things that are important to you.  


During the coaching sessions, it is important that you are willing to take responsibility for your own work and life, learn how to get in touch with what really matters to you and how to develop compassion for yourself.


Personal coaching is valuable for you, if you:

  • want to deepening research to yourself;

  • want to reflect on your personal way of operating both at work and in private life;

  • want to optimize your functioning in your current-, changed- or new job;

  • want to work on developing  your skills, qualities and alternative behavioral styles;

  • want to get in touch with your deeper motives and (limited) believes.


During the intake session we will focus on formulating your coach question. This coach question will form the lead of the coaching.

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