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Team coaching

A team is (sometimes more often than you want) a collection of people who aren’t actually connected with each other, act on their own and where insecurity leads to ineffectiveness.


What makes teamwork at times really great and inspiring and at other times so difficult? What makes that the performance of certain teams exceed expectations, while other teams never exceed the average.

Group dynamics and how we relate to that, determine for an important part, the results of teams within organizations.


Working together in teams can be a great experience. And instead of reacting to the differences, it is possible to create a culture where everyone’s qualities are valued and acknowledged and the diversity within the team is being used to realize the team goals.


Teams who accomplish this, know how to transfer the frustrations (which always goes hand in hand with teamwork) in productive energy that will lead to greater output and more creativity, satisfaction and fun at work.


The extend of team development relates to the ability of the team members to connect with each other and deal with the differences and appreciation of each other qualities. Effective teamwork leads to greater achievement of personal-, team- and organization goals. 

We guide teams in a personal, professional and result driven way and manage to bring the team members closer to themselves, make a connection with each other and from there, develop the collective intelligence of the team.


Often we use Insights Discovery®, a powerful tool to increase the team effectiveness and team dynamics as a starting point for the team coaching.

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